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Carol Johns and Patricia Clough on PSAs and PD

Carol Johns

Carol has taught primary children for over forty years. She was a teacher leader for the Primary Program and helped shepherd full-day Kindergarten successfully into the school system. She brought Teacher Inquiry to Cranbrook, helping countless teachers examine their practice through the inquiry process. Carol is not only a wonderful addition to any library collection to learn more about the professional life of a teacher, but she can share the best kids’ games ever!

Patricia Clough

Mom, grandma, teacher, activist - all of those are apt descriptions for Patricia. Currently the president of the Retired Teachers’ Association, Patricia has been president of the North Okanagan Shuswap Teachers’ Association, Provincial Specialist Association council chair and on the executive of the BCTF. Patricia is a lifetime member of her local and the BCTF, an honour only given to the most prolific and interesting “books.”