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Guidelines and rules for BCTF social media and discussion forums

Updated February 2016

The BCTF encourages the use of BCTF social media for discussion by members on the range of union and professional issues. Users of social media should be aware that all digital communication has the potential of being public beyond intended recipients.

BCTF social media include the BCTF website, TeachBC, BCTF e-mail lists, the BCTF Facebook group, the BCTF Twitter account, and the BCTF channel on YouTube, etc.

Guidelines for suggested Use 

  1. Comments on social media are the opinions of the individuals who write them. Unless comments are from an officer of the BCTF, they should not be seen as necessarily the opinion of the BCTF.
  2. Individuals should use their real name in making comments.
  3. The BCTF encourages open discussion and debate as long as it is professional and respectful.


  1. All postings on BCTF social media must respect legal and ethical bounds and must not violate the privacy rights of individuals. Particular care must be taken to avoid postings that identify particular students, either directly or indirectly, unless they are with appropriate approvals.
  2. Personal attacks, harassment of any kind, unsubstantiated allegations, or homophobic, racist, sexist, or other offensive language, are not allowed.
  3. Spam (multiple postings of the same content or message) is prohibited.


  • The BCTF moderators reserve the right to remove any postings, or content of any other nature, from BCTF social media platforms that they consider to be inappropriate or in violation of any of the rules.
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  • TeachBC
  • BCTF Online Museum
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