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BCTF Public Mailing Lists

An e-mail mailing list allows its members to send messages to a single e-mail address (the list address) and have copies of these messages broadcast to all other members on the list.

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To join or leave a list, enter your first name, last name and email address, select a list, click join or leave, then press Send.

To update your e-mail address on a list to which you're already subscribed, you should first leave the list with your old address and then rejoin with your new address.

bctf-advantage (read-only)
A list to provide offers and updates from the BCTF Advantage Program.

bctf-beginteach (read-write)
A list to facilitate discussion among and between beginning teachers and experienced teachers.

bctf-enfrancais (read-write)
 A discussion list open to all educators interested in the field of French education.

bctf-pd-issues (read-write)
An information forum for professional issues including curriculum implementation, assessment and related BCTF initiatives.

bctf-research (read-only)
Brief articles describing current research - provincial, national, and international - related to professional, labour, and social issues of interest to B.C. teachers and the education community. Information about useful online sources, including BCTF Online, is often featured. See archive here.

bctf-wellness (read-write)
A place to share information on wellness workshops, initiatives, and opportunities as well as coordinating wellness events. Innovative ideas and new research related to wellness is also featured. Open to all teachers interested in personal self-care as well as those interested in being a health and wellness champion in their school, local, or district.

indigenous-ed (read-write)
Gives teachers involved in indigenous education a place to ask questions, share ideas, and build a community.

ttoc-talk (read-write)
Teachers teaching on call discussion list.

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