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Free the teacher union president in Ecuador

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Several union leaders have been imprisoned in Ecuador, including the past president of the National Union of Teachers, Mary Zamora.  She is an English teacher and has been imprisoned as a resutl of her leadership role.

Ecuador's populist president must stop persecuting labour and social leaders. That's the message we're asking trade unionists around the world to send today to Rafael Correa.

An online campaign launched on LabourStart is expected to generate thousands of messages calling on Correa to free Dr Carlos Figueroa, ex-leader of the Ecuadorian Medical Federation, Cléver Jiménez Cabrera, the Pachakutik Movement parliamentarian, his advisor, Fernando Villavicencio Valencia, ex-leader of the oil workers' trade union, and Mary Zamora, ex-president of the National Union of Teachers.

The jailed union leaders had asked the public prosecutor to investigate the propriety of the President’s order for military intervention to "rescue" him from the National Police Hospital in Quito during a political crisis in September 2010. The violent military action resulted in a number of deaths. Correa accused the union leaders of "hacking" his email; they claim they were merely investigating corruption.

Public Services International, a global union representing millions of public sector workers, initiated the current campaign on LabourStart.

Please take a moment to show your support for the campaign: