Dignity and First Memorial Funeral Services

Dignity Memorial and First Memorial Funeral Services

Susan Stern - BCTF Personal Representative 
Locations in BC - Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, BC Interior, Vancouver Island   

Dignity Memorial and First Memorial Funeral Service locations throughout British Columbia are honoured to assist you & your loved ones with your funeral services, cremation and cemetery needs.

We help families create meaningful Celebrations of Life. Prearrangement of these needs can significantly reduce the cost and helps to ease the stress of quick decision-making that comes with life’s most difficult experience.

Prearrangement through Dignity Memorial and First Memorial Funeral Services offers:

  • National transferability
    Fully transferable prearranged services at Dignity and First Memorial locations throughout Canada and the USA. 
  • Child and grandchild protection plan
    Equal services at no cost in the event of a tragedy involving an unmarried child or grandchild up to age 21. 
  • Travel bereavement services
    Special negotiated air fares, hotel and car rentals as well as logistical support. 
  • Compassion Helpline® counseling service
    Highly trained telephone grief counselors available to your immediate family 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 13 months after services are performed. 
  • Dignity Memorial guidance series
    Helpful literature discussing various loss scenarios written by experts in grief management. 
  • Personal planning guide
    An excellent place to record pertinent information and final wishes in one place for your family and executor. 

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Email: susan@prearrangementadvisor.com  
Phone: (604) 346-7778