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Frequently asked questions

A. The BCTF Advantage Health & Dental Plan enables you to build the health and dental plan that best suits you and your family’s individual needs and budget. Having several options lets you design a plan that’s right for you!

Q. Is there a waiting period?

A. Unlike many other plans, the BCTF Advantage Health and Dental Plan has no waiting period before claims can be made or paid.

Q.  If I get coverage, then acquire a contract where my insurance is covered for 3 months, then need coverage through the BCTF Advantage Program again, is there a waiting period?

A. Unlike many other plans, BCTF Advantage Health & Dental Plan has no waiting period for TTOCs to get back on the plan once their contract term is over.

Q. Do I have to pay costs associated with majority of the Extended Health Care benefits No deductibles or co-payments on Extended Health Care coverage?

A. There is no need to make a co-payment or pay a deductible with the CAA Health and Dental Plan on most of the Extended Health Care Benefits

Q. How do I submit claims?

A. Your Pay Direct Card gives you the convenience you need when paying for healthcare benefits. There’s no need to fill out lengthy forms – most prescription drug and dental claims can be processed for you electronically; keeping dollars in your pocket!

Q. I wear glasses, am I covered for a vision benefit, particularly laser vision?

A. Optometrist visits, eyeglasses and laser surgery are all included in the visions benefits as part of your primary Extended Health Care coverage.

Q. What if I have existing health conditions – are their options for me?

A. The majority of Drug and Dental options can be added onto your primary Extended Health Care coverage without medical underwriting. Your acceptance is guaranteed!

Q. If I cover my children or spouse, do I get special rates?

A. You can take advantage of reduced rates for couples and even greater savings for families with 2 children or more. What’s more, by adding drug and dental benefits to your base Extended Health Care coverage you save even more!

Q. If I’m taking several medications, is there a way to check if it is safe?

A. Built into the plan is DrugCheck™ prescription service; it safeguards the health of both you and your family by alerting pharmacists to potentially dangerous prescription drug interactions.

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