BCTF Advantage Plan Supplier Guidelines

The BCTF Advantage Plan will take the following into consideration when selecting a supplier for the BCTF Advantage Plan:

1. The BCTF will avoid companies that:

  • are egregious offenders or have patterns of equal employment opportunity violations
  • have a pattern of anti-union actions or are on the Federation of Labour boycott list
  • use involuntary labour of any kind; including prison labour, indentured labour, or forced labour. Overtime must be paid and
  • voluntary. Employees shall not be required to lodge “deposits” or identity papers upon commencing employment with the company or as a condition of employment.
  • employ anyone under the age of 15, and/or younger than the age for completing compulsory education. Furthermore, partners of any kind must comply with all local laws pertaining to the restrictions on workers under the age of 18, including restrictions on their exposure to situations in or outside of the workplace that are hazardous, unsafe, or unhealthy without adequate protection from such hazards.
  • are weapons manufacturers or produce or sell handguns
  • produce nuclear weapons
  • engage in the manufacture of tobacco based products
  • manufacture or sell products known to have adverse public
  • health consequences, whether or not in contravention of local standards, or have misleading or irresponsible marketing of products and services such as stereotypical depictions of women and minorities in advertising
  • have a poor environmental compliance record, including a history of fines or civil penalties as a result of transgressing federal or provincial environmental legislation, when compared to industry counterparts
  • undertake tests on live animals in the development of cosmetic, personal care or household products
  • use illegal direct or indirect payments (bribes, kickbacks, non-monetary favours, etc.) to obtain preferred status from channel partners, customers, or government officials, or accept such inducements from suppliers seeking their business
  • have demonstrated a lack of regard by failing to communicate about important corporate issues which directly involve the local community such as land use, facility closings, and pollution concerns

2. The BCTF will favour companies that:

  • offer products or services that reduce waste generation or conserve natural resources
  • show progress in reducing volume and toxicity of waste, emissions, and effluents
  • have innovative programs to reduce use of energy, water, materials, and land
  • consistently have good compliance records
  • have policies and programs that favour historically oppressed and marginalized people
  • have inclusive nondiscrimination employment policies that include sexual orientation
  • show positive union relations or employee participation relative to their industry
  • respect workers' rights to communicate with management, organize, and collectively bargain
  • negotiate and communicate in good faith and deal fairly and respectfully with all stakeholders
  • employ sound practices of corporate governance, including issues of board independence, board and executive compensation, and structural integrity. (Sept. 07 Ex, p. 12)

For questions or comments about the BCTF Advantage program guidelines please contact us.