Frequently Asked Questions

Why did BCTF build a member affinity program?  

Many other large organizations have realized the value of group buying power and have partnered with major providers to build these programs for their members. BCTF decided to put together a program covering various common needs (insurance, travel and some retail) to offer custom services and discounts to members and their families.

Has BCTF given out my personal information?  

Absolutely not. No personal information is exchanged between BCTF and any of the BCTF Advantage partners.

How do I obtain my discount with the Advantage partners?

For most BCTF Advantage partners you simply state that you are a BCTF member and they will apply your discount/savings to your purchase.

What happens if I have a concern or feedback on any partner?  

Let the BCTF know by contacting the BCTF Advantage Program Coordinator.See Contact Us.

What does the BCTF get out of this?

Purchases made by BCTF members at some Advantage partners count towards an annual revenue stream back to the BCTF. The goal is to provide great benefits to BCTF members while supporting the work of the organization as a whole.