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Starling’s 4-Week Mental Fitness Challenge for BC TTOCs

Starling improves TTOCs’ mental fitness and quality of life through online education. Right now, we are helping teachers all over British Columbia manage their workplace stress and mental health outcomes by training them to integrate CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) strategies into their daily lives. Mental Fitness Challenges are the latest evolution of the Starling program.

“This challenge was challenging. It really made me look at aspects of my life with a little more insight – as in things aren’t as bad as I thought. Also, it made me realize things I do in my day that I don’t really acknowledge as important, are considered relaxing activities which are necessary to do within my day. It also made me aware of the time I need to step away from my job and set goals for activities I enjoy doing. This will improve my focus and mental strength. I did struggle with thought balancing so I will look up the link to find out more about it. I appreciate how this activity worked to explore so many areas and identify what the stressors are in each. I am more cognizant of the areas I need to improve in but also how to improve them.”

BCTF Starling Member 3911
May, 2017

Our four-week mental fitness challenge is tailored specifically for TTOCs to develop their mental fitness skills into lifelong healthy habits. TTOCs can anonymously join their colleagues across the province to learn new CBT skills and improve their mental fitness and resilience.

The challenge starts on Monday, November 6th and ends Friday, December 1st. The goals of this challenge include the following:

  • Improve your mental resilience
  • Increase your energy and confidence
  • Increase your stress management toolkit
  • Learn practical techniques for managing thoughts and emotions
  • Learn fundamental skills for dealing with anxiety and sadness
  • Feel positive and relaxed more often

Sign in to your Starling account to join our 4-Week Mental Fitness Challenge at www.starlingminds.com. Registration for the challenge starts on October 30th. 

For further information on Starling Minds and the TTOC Mental Fitness Challenge, watch this video.  

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