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Policies and Regulations
Current BCTF policies

The following are examples of the many different policies and procedures found in the Members’ Guide directing the work of the BCTF for this particular CASJ Action Group.


27.32—That the BCTF endorse the call, by End Legislated Poverty and other community social action groups, for government action to eradicate poverty.

(Oct. 02 Ex, p. 8)

34.71—That the BCTF:
1. call on the government to immediately rescind the BC legislation which subjects welfare recipients to elimination or reduction of their social assistance based on time limits.
2. oppose changes in welfare that have the effect of causing further hardship and economic insecurity for the poorest and most vulnerable people in British Columbia.
3. actively oppose the imposition of a 24-month time limit on eligibility for welfare in BC.
4. call on government to allow those on social assistance to earn a wage up to the poverty line without decreasing social assistance payments.

(Oct. 03 Ex, p 4) (04 AGM, p. 36)

34.38—That the BCTF work to address the conditions contributing to the sex trade by promoting and supporting:
2. government action to address poverty.

41.C.18―That the BCTF encourage members to recognize every February as Child Poverty Awareness Month and take steps individually and/or as part of their Social Justice network to help eliminate child poverty in BC.

(15 AGM, p. 5)

42. Social Responsibility Preamble: WHY is the BC Teachers’ Federation involved in global social responsibility?
2. Through understanding current affairs and social developments such as poverty, technological changes, militarization, Aboriginal issues, changing roles within families, and cultural changes, including the changing role of women which affect the context in which teaching and learning occur; [9.A.05(c)]

42.01—That the BCTF:
1. call on the provincial government to acknowledge the negative impact of poverty on the education, health, and well-being of the children of British Columbia.

(16 AGM, p. 36)

2. take initiatives to heighten members’ awareness around students living in poverty, and make every effort to promote programs that keep our public schools free and accessible.
3. provide teachers with classroom strategies and support to mitigate against the disadvantages of poverty.

(04 AGM, p. 36)

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