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Policies and Regulations
Current BCTF policies

The following are examples of the many different policies and procedures found in the Members’ Guide directing the work of the BCTF for this particular CASJ Action Group.

Peace and Global Education

34.69—That the BCTF call upon the Government of Canada to:
1. seek to eliminate the root causes of conflict and find solutions by peaceful means for the common good of all
2. reject a military approach to problem solving conflicts between states
3. work with all countries, through the United Nations, to reduce and eliminate “weapons of mass destruction.”
(Jan/Feb. RA 03 p. 10)
4. reverse its current military strategy in Afghanistan and ensure that any future international Canadian military intervention occur only as a part of a United Nations peace-keeping force. (Nov. 06 RA, p.14)
5. prioritize spending on diplomacy and social programs over increases to military budgets. (May 18 RA, p. 15)

34.109—That the BCTF urges the Canadian government to promote a peace settlement in the Middle East which will advance the struggle of the people of Palestine for national sovereignty and human rights, and protect the citizens of both Israel and Palestine from further violence.

(Mar 08 Ex, p. 14)

34.08—That in addition to traditional services commemorating all war casualties, and those who served in various capacities as part of the War efforts an appropriate way to commemorate Remembrance Day in the schools is to promote the concept of world peace.

(83 AGM, p. 13) (95 AGM, p. 27)

34.30—That the BCTF seek out and offer solidarity to those joint Israeli/Palestinian organizations that have as their stated objectives to work for the non-violent and peaceful resolution of disputes in the region and to work for peace, dignity and understanding for all.

(June 05 RA, p. 15)

34.36—That the BCTF endorse campaigns and petitions that aim to seek peaceful negotiated solutions to conflicts between nations of the Middle East, with a focus on Israel and Palestine.

(Aug. 06 Ex, p. 13) (June 17 Ex, p. 15)

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