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Policies and Regulations 
Current BCTF policies 

The following are examples of the many different policies and procedures found in the Members’ Guide directing the work of the BCTF for this particular CASJ Action Group.

Environmental Justice

41.C.14That the BCTF add a “green/sustainability” component to its social justice program in order to provide information and support to teachers and students concerned about a sustainable world. 

12.43That the Federation oppose the sale of bottled water in schools, and promote polices that ensure free safe drinking water access for every school. 

34.1271. That the Federation condemn the position of the Federal government of Canada in its opposition to the United Nations motion declaring access to water as a human right, and that this position of BC teachers be communicated to all BC MPs. 
2. That locals be encouraged to express their opposition to the position of the government of Canada on water as a human right to their Members of Parliament.  

34.129That the BCTF endorse the concept that water resources be kept public and free. 


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