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Policies and Regulations 
Current BCTF policies 

The following are examples of the many different policies and procedures found in the Members’ Guide directing the work of the BCTF for this particular CASJ Action Group.

Environmental Justice

25.A.36—That bottled water not be provided at any Federation meetings.

(Nov 09 RA, p.11)

34.113That the BCTF endorse the concept that water resources be kept public and free. 

(08 AGM, p.25)

39.06—That locals be encouraged to adopt policies that would eliminate provision of bottled water at local activities.

(Nov 09 RA, p.7)

Key BCTF Decisions

Key BCTF Decisions on Fossil Fuel Extraction and Climate Change

12-step Plan

12-step Plan to Advocate for a climate Emergency Declaration


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