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Environmental Justice Resources

Climate Action Resource PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. 


  • Special Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
    Released in October 2018, this report highlights the impacts global warming will have on the people and our planet if global warming goes above 1.5(degrees) and sets a target of 2030 to reduce current green house gas emissions by 50%. 

  • Canada’s Changing Climate Report

    Natural resources Canada’s April 2019 report discusses the factors contributing to global warming in Canada and the current impacts of the warming of Canada’s climate at a twice the rate of the global average. The report warns of a number of serious implications of global warming in Canada and sets a target of reducing green house gas emissions to near zero by the beginning of the middle of the 21st century.


Video resources

Teach Green workshop additional resources

Mobilizing for the Climate Emergency—a Seth Klein podcast

Seth Klein at 2019 BCTF AGM

Seth Klein offers a preview of his forthcoming book (due out date 2020). He argues we need to approach the climate crisis with a new mindset – as an urgent existential threat requiring a wartime-scale emergency response; a new society-wide mobilization. Seth offers lesson’s from Canada’s WWII mobilization experience, as a reminder that we have done this before – we have mobilized in common cause, across class and race and gender, to confront an existential threat. And in doing so, we have retooled our entire economy in the space of a few years. Seth also speaks to the role of youth in the climate movement, and argues teachers should support their students in such efforts. And he outlines numerous actions the BCTF and teachers generally can undertake to support climate mobilization.

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