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LGBTQ Videos

The following two videos are National Film Board of Canada productions. For more information, see the NFB website:

  • Forbidden Love (84 min) (Adult) c1992
    Nine women paint a hilarious, rebellious portrait of lesbian sexuality, against a backdrop of tabloid headlines, book covers, and dramatizations from lesbian pulp novels.
  • Stolen Moments (92 min) (Adult, professional) c1997
    An exhaustive look at lesbian history (Europe, USA, and Canada) from the 1920s to the present. It includes old film footage and dramatic recreations, music, comic moments, and memories. Featured are Joan Nestle, Judy Grahn, Audre Lorde, Leslie Feinberg, and other notable women. Although adult-oriented, the video would be useful for mature students wishing to learn more about the forces that shaped modern lesbian culture.

Contact Moving Images Distribution for information on the following two videos. Phone: 604-684-3014, or toll-free: 1-800-684-3014; online catalogue at

  • Gay Spirit (52 min) (Secondary, adult) c1996
    Six gays and lesbians talk about their struggle to be out and to be part of their faith communities. They are: a Muslim man living with AIDS, a man brought up Pentecostal, a Jewish lesbian, a Seventh Day Adventist, and two lesbian partners and former nuns. Dr. Martin Brokenleg provides insight into the challenges these individuals have faced. He stresses the importance of overcoming discrimination, and reminds viewers that about 35% of adolescent suicides are by teens questioning their sexuality.
  • Little Sister’s vs. Big Brother (71 min) (Adult, secondary) c2002
    Since 1983, Little Sister’s Book & Art Emporium has resisted bigotry, bombings, and books held at the border. The Vancouver bookstore pushed its battle against Canada Customs all the way to Canada’s Supreme Court. Here are many key moments in their battle against censorship—book seizures, personal courage, violence against Vancouver’s queer communities, and court decisions. It also delves into the passions and principles that have driven the four personalities from Little Sister’s in this long struggle. Well-known writers, BC Civil Liberties Association, and ACLU, all speak out in defence of the right of all Canadians to read and view what they choose.

The following title is distributed by Vtape. 

  • Rewriting the Script: A Love Letter to our Families (46 min) (Professional) c2002
    This video explores the loves, lives, and sexualities of lesbian, gay, and transgender South Asians in Canada and their families. The subjects, parents and other family members, talk about the struggle to redefine their relationships. The sound quality is mediocre but the stories are compelling and informative. Excellent for parents. The video comes with an extensive discussion guide, for exploring issues of religion, family, community pressures, and strategies for building support.

This video can be ordered from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. 

  • Outside the Lines: The World of the Gay Athlete (17 min) (Secondary, adult) c2000
    This ESPN video charts the journeys of two students competing as openly gay athletes in very different climates. Both students movingly reveal their courage and resilience. Great for coaches/educators, the video is accompanied by a 24-page viewing guide with lessons, discussion questions, and other resources for building equity in athletics.
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