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Take a Stand for Kids

Take A Stand for Kids (TASK) is a 12-year-old project supporting children and their families in Nicaragua, developed by now-retired teacher, Carroll Airey, working from her community of Houston, BC.

The project had its beginning in 1998–99, with the creation of the Children Helping Children Club at Carroll Airey’s school, when students in a Grade 5 Science class decided to make a difference while studying the effects of hurricanes, particularly Hurricane Mitch. You can read about its history at taskproject.wordpress.com/about-task/.

Since her retirement in 2004, Carroll has continued the work in Santa Rosa del Peñon. Visit taskproject.wordpress.com/, a blog created by the student committee of Librarians Without Borders at the University of British Columbia, to learn more.

In response to the invitation to contribute stories of teachers and students making a difference globally, Carroll recently wrote, “I have been doing this work on my own for all of these years, first at my school with the children and after I retired in 2004, really just by myself. Since June 2009, there is a group of 5 people that is helping me now, acting as directors as we navigate the charity application process, to try and make Take A Stand for Kids a registered charity. This past year, even without the charity status, I was able to raise more than $10,000 in and around our little town of Houston, to support all the projects. People are SO generous here. If you wish to make any comments, you can at the bottom of any of the blog pages. I would appreciate any feedback you might like to share with me. If you think it is worthwhile and of a global nature, I would be happy if you wanted to share it with others.”

Submitted by Carroll Airey, retired teacher
takeastandforkids@gmail.com, caairey@bulkley.net
February, 2010

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