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Peace and Global Education Lesson Plans

From War Toys to Peace Art resource image

From War Toys to Peace Art

The teaching resource guide, Acts of transformation from war toys to peace art, is dedicated to Sam Fillipoff who was an elementary teacher in Vancouver and a tireless advocate for the culture of peace for all children.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Searching for a just peace 

The Israel-Palestine conflict is one of the most controversial issues in our contemporary world. This unit—which was initiated by the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) Representative Assembly—approaches the conflict through the vehicle of narrative constructed through the judicious use of facts and perspectives. The unit materials include a broad spectrum of resources, lessons plans, and assignments that will produce multiple narratives based on individual perspectives.

Free classroom teaching resources for global education

Check out the global education teaching resources developed by BC teachers as part of a CIDA-funded project. These resources cover a range of grade levels from primary through secondary and several subject areas. The resources have been updated and are now housed on TeachBC.

Other lesson plan resources

Many global education learning resources have been developed with a direct link to BC curriculum learning outcomes. Some are available on the web.

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