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To get inspired, you're welcome to learn more about the experiences that BCTF members have had in the past here.

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Project Overseas 

Project Overseas (PO) is the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) international program that sends Canadian teachers to participate in professional development programs hosted by teacher unions in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. 

A central purpose of the programs is to improve the quality of education in the host country through high quality professional development, co-developed and facilitated by Canadian and host country experienced teachers. 

Another significant purpose from the perspective of the BCTF is to support effective teacher unions that can advance the interests of their members and of public education. 

Participants in Project Overseas have an opportunity to broaden their experience and to see education from new perspectives. When they return, they are expected to bring those experiences to their classrooms and to share with colleagues.

Project Overseas sends Canadian teachers to projects each July, with the teachers selected and funded by their provincial teachers’ union.

Information for potential applicants, including the July, 2020 Project and application form is available here.  

To get inspired, you're welcome to learn more about the experiences that BCTF members have had in the past here.

Teach overseas

Find out where to look for opportunities to teach overseas, and learn more about teacher exchanges.  

Get active through the BCTF International Solidarity Committee

The BCTF International Solidarity Committee is made up of four active members of the BCTF appointed to three year terms by the BCTF Executive Committee.  The Committee provides advice on program activities and can approve grants of up the $5,000 from the International Solidarity Fund.

When there are vacancies on the committee, they are advertised through the regular postings for BCTF committees.

Create your own local international committee

One way of getting involved internationally is through a local union international solidarity committee.  Here’s a “how to” based on the experience in the Surrey local.

Support CoDevelopment Canada

CoDevelopment Canada  is an international NGO located in Vancouver that supports partnerships between organizations in Canada and Latin America. The BCTF has been a partner with CoDevelopment Canada since its formation in the mid-90s. It is through this organization that many of the BCTF projects receive funding. 

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