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Ten Things You Can Do as a Social Justice Contact on LGBTQ Issues

  1. Inform yourself, browse websites: bctf.ca/SocialJustice.aspx?id=6106 or www.pridenet.ca.
  2. Check out resources at your local office or district resource centre. Ensure your district has the top 10 resources. (See top 10 resources list PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. on the BCTF website.)
  3. Advocate for Homophobia and Heterosexism training workshops for your local executive, staff reps, and school social justice contacts. Consider booking a BCTF anti-homophobia workshop for your district PD day. Call the BCTF Training Department at 1-800-633-9163, local 1857, or 604-871-1857.
  4. Contact Lynda Tierney at the BCTF (ltierney@bctf.ca or 604-871-1816) and order the posters “All Families Welcome” and “That’s so Gay.” Hand these out at rep assemblies and/or general meetings.
  5. Encourage teachers to put up posters in prominent areas where students can see them.
  6. Download free or purchase ($5 bulk rate) “Dealing With Name Calling Handbook” for every school in your local, available from Pride Education Network (www.pridenet.ca).
  7. Encourage teachers in your local to have their classes participate in the Week Against Homophobia, Day of Pink and/or the Day of Silence (bctf.ca/SocialJustice.aspx?id=6106).
  8. Address homophobic comments when you hear them in your class or in the halls and encourage your colleagues to do the same.
  9. Find out what your local executive policy is on LGBTQ issues and advocate for policy changes to protect students and staff based on their real and perceived sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
  10. Call a meeting of secondary teachers and students who are interested in LGBTQ issues in your local to discuss starting GSA clubs in your district.



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