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Information about Teachers’ Pension Plan 2014 Member’s Benefit Statement

The Teachers’ Pension Plan (TPP) provides Member Benefit Statements (MBS) annually. They are sent to you through your school district office, typically in May but should arrive before June 30. Rules and regulations require that the estimation of pension income for retirement, be based on the last calendar year’s service.

The 2014 school year saw job action which will affect Pensionable Service (PS), and is reflected on your statement. 2014 Pensionable service for a typical full-time teacher has been reduced, from 10 months to 8.6 months. In this case, the effect projects a pension income based on working only 86%.

In order to obtain a more accurate estimation, members may choose to wait for the next year’s MBS, or go to the TPP pension estimator www.pensionsbc.ca, adjust the details and generate a new pension estimate.

Instructions to adjust details online

 Go to tpp.pensionsbc.ca.

TPP screenshot 1

Click Logon button and enter details to log onto MyAccount. 

Instructions are available if you have not set up your account or have forgotten your password. 
Your "Person ID" number can be found on page 2 of your Member Benefit Statement
If you require assistance with logon help is available from TPP by calling 1-800-665-6770.

TPP screenshot 2
Click on Pension Estimator.
Click on Create New Estimate.

TPP screenshot 3   
Read Note. 
Read Pension Information. 
Enter Retirement Date. 
Click on Salary and Service Information and enter correct Average Monthly Salary and Percentage of Full-Time. 
Click Continue.

TPP screenshot 4
Your update estimate is produced.
You may save or print this.
Don't forget to Logoff.

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