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Salary Indemnity Plan Application Package

SIP Claimant Cover Letter for Application Package

STEP ONE: Please complete an application for benefits

  1. The Declaration of Claimant needs to be completed in full and emailed along with any attachments to
  2. Banking information must be provided so that we can issue you a benefit.
    • Please complete the BCTF Electronic Funds Transfer Service form. Alternately banking information in the form of a void cheque or a direct deposit form can be obtained directly from your online banking app if you do not have a void cheque. When submitting information electronically, you can either scan and take a photo of your banking information and submit to Please ensure that you full name is included on each document.
  3. Pension information
  4. If your absence from work is due to or exacerbated by a workplace incident, you may be entitled to compensation through WCB. SIP will require a WCB claim number before we can process your claim for SIP: ST benefits.
    • Visit WorkSafeBC or call 1-888-WORKERS (1.888.967.5377) to submit your claim.
    • Once you submit your claim you will be given a WCB claim number.
    • You will need to fill out and sign the WorkSafeBC Consent to Disclosure of Personal information form to provide consent so that WorkSafe can provide us with your claim and payment records if you are approved. 

STEP TWO: Medical Documentation

To support your application, you will need to have your attending physician fill out a SIP: ST Certificate of attending physician.

  • SIP: ST Certificate of Attending Physician – this form needs to be completed and signed by your doctor and emailed along with any attachments to There is a portion at the top of this form that you are required to fill out and sign. This allows your physician to release this medical information to us.
  • In addition to your Certificate of Attending Physician form, if you are currently working, but have reduced your workload due to your illness or injury, please fill out the top page of the Accommodation Employment Application. This lets us know the details of your accommodation, the date your accommodation started and the date you and doctor anticipate it to end. There is a portion at the bottom of the form for your doctor to sign and date, indicating that they are in support of your accommodation plan.

Once this information has been received, a case assistant will email your employer a School Board Verification Form to verify your annual salary and last day of sick leave. Your case assistant may also email you to let you know about supports available through BCTF Health and Wellness program.

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