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The BCTF represents 43,000 public school teachers across the province. Who are these diverse professionals? What opportunities and challenges do they have as they work to meet the needs of all students in their classrooms and programs? 

Featured BCTF research

Provincial Snapshot: September K-12 Restart (Sept 2020)

BCTF 2050 Project: Engaging New Members - Report to the 2020 Annual General Meeting (Mar 2020)

Teacher salaries across Canada: How does BC compare? (May 2019)

Teachers in British Columbia (Mar 2019)

The Growing Demand for Teachers (Dec 2017)

Renaissance Delayed: Supporting Early Career Teacher-Librarians in British Columbia (Oct 2018)

Teachers in British Columbia: A feminized workforce (Oct 2018)

Working on the "Frontline" of Education - Full day Kindergarten working and learning conditions survey (Oct 2018)

Recruitment and Retention of Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in BC Public Schools (May 2018)

The lived experience of Teachers Teaching on Call in British Columbia’s public schools: The 2014 TTOC Working Conditions survey (Feb 2016)

Attendance management in BC's public education system (Jan 2016)  

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