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Students using 30-year-old textbooks, teachers buying basic supplies, schools permanently on edge of closing—this is the all too common face of public education in British Columbia in 2018. How did we get here? A closer look at how schools in BC are funded helps explain today’s underfunding, and how funding might be adequate and equitable in the future.

Featured BCTF research

Teacher perspectives on education funding: Priorities and recommendations for Budget 2019 (Oct 2018)

Too much of a good thing: Accumulated surpluses at British Columbia’s school districts (Sep 2018)

Funding 201: The changes we need to fund the schools we want (May 2018)

Funding 101: The nuts and bolts of how our schools are (under)funded (Mar 2018)

Funding Fairness for Adult Learners: A brief to the BC Education Funding Model Review
from the BCTF
 (Apr 2018)

Education Funding Model: A brief to the BC Education Funding Model Review (Feb 2018) 

Education Funding in BC (Jan 2018)

How does BC compare to the rest of Canada? (Dec 2017)

Does Independent Schools funding make a mockery of the public schools funding formula? (Apr 2015)

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