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PD Contacts

PD contacts connects users to local and BCTF professional development leaders throughout the province. Also included in the section are key BCTF and provincial specialist association mailing lists dealing with professional and educational issues.

Professional Development Contacts

BCTF Mailing Lists 

The BCTF Mailing List web page describes all available BCTF open mailing lists and includes instructions on how to subscribe. PD-related mailing lists include:

  • bctf-beginteach
  • bctf-pd-issues
  • bctf-socialjustice

PSA Mailing Lists 

Many Provincial Specialist Associations (PSAs) have open mailing lists which are available to interested members.

  • FacebookYouTubeTwitter
  • TeachBC
  • BCTF Online Museum
  • BCTF Advantage