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Judicial Council and Code of Ethics 

The Code of Ethics stipulates general rules of conduct particular to the teaching profession. This is a guide to all members of the BCTF for maintaining high standards of professional service and conduct towards students, colleagues, and the professional union. 

The right of a profession to establish and enforce conduct standards in its ranks is well established in our society. When a body such as the BCTF makes ethical conduct rules for its members and establishes mechanisms to hold hearings and impose discipline, it must adhere to the principles of due process and natural justice.   

Judicial Council members are volunteer BCTF members, trained and experienced in conducting tribunal style proceedings. They also receive training in points of law, in particular the principles of natural justice and due process. 

As a teacher and a member of the BCTF you are guided in your professional practice by the BCTF Code of Ethics.  As a member you also have the right to file complaints if you believe a colleague has breached the Code of Ethics.

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