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September 2020
September 26 Online. Anxiety in Children and Youth-Practical Intervention Strategies (Live Online workshop)
Childhood and adolescence are critical times for emotional and psychological development. During these stages, anxiety patterns can begin that continue into adulthood. Anxiety represents our body’s natural alarm system, signalling the possibility of danger. When this response arises too frequently or intensely and doesn’t match actual situations of danger, it can interfere with life and cause great distress. Having caregivers who are equipped to support and teach children and youth skills for managing and interrupting their anxiety patterns is crucial for early intervention. This workshop will provide a structure for understanding how anxiety works in the nervous system. Participants will also learn a diverse range of skills that can be taught and practiced with children and youth. These skills are designed to decrease anxiety and expand the capacity for managing emotions and anxious thought patterns. This is an interactive online workshop hosted by the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute. For more information or to register, please visit https://ca.ctrinstitute.com/workshops/live-virtual-anxiety-in-children-and-youth11-24/
October 2020
October 20 Online. Play Therapy-Tools for Helping Children and Youth
Children express themselves, learn about their world, and feel most at ease when playing. This workshop focuses on how to use play therapy strategies to help children and youth positively cope and work through stressful life experiences. Participants will become familiar with Play Therapy theory, clinical guiding principles, and various directive and non-directive creative interventions to use with a wide age range of children and youth. From an experiential lens, this training explores how to apply playful strategies to support children and youth on their path to healing. This is an interactive online workshop hosted by the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute. For more information or to register, please visit https://ca.ctrinstitute.com/workshops/live-virtual-play-therapy11-5/
October 23 Virtual. Montessori 150 and Beyond BC Montessori Teachers PSA (BCMTPSA) Montessori 150 and Beyond- retaining Montessori in the digital age by connecting through our hearts, hands and minds. BC Montessori Teachers PSA (BCMTPSA)
Join us virtually for the annual BCMTPSA conference: Montessori 150 and Beyond-retaining Montessori in the digital age by connecting through our hearts, hands, and minds. Keynote speaker, Micahel Duffy, will discuss Supporting Intrinsic Motivation in Montessori Students. He will also host a workshop about Montessori math and brain development. Randall Klein will share his presentation about Early Reading Mastery. BC public school Montessori teachers will host workshops about Classroom Organization, Parent Education, Sharing Montessori Online Resources, and a Discussion Group for New Montessori teachers. Website www.bcmontessoripsa.org Contact psac78@bctf.ca.
October 23 Virtual. Catalyst 2020 Conference British Columbia ScienceTeachers’ Association (BCScTA)
Join the BCScTA on October 23 for Catalyst 2020. We are going online, and joining forces with the BCTF and other specialist associations to bring you a selection of general sessions as well as workshops targeted at science specialist. We have reached out to our partners to bring you high-quality, engaging workshops. These include offerings from Science World, Genome BC, Nelson Publishers, Flinn Scientific, BC Association of Physics Teachers, Perimeter Institute, Let’s Talk Science, Argument Driven Inquiry, an Independent Archaeologist, and BC Agriculture in the Classroom. If you have never attended Catalyst before, this is your chance to attend without even leaving home. Conference website https://bcscta.com/catalyst-conference/ Contacts psac57@bctf.ca , john.munro@learn34.ca, anita.gordon@learn34.ca
October 23 Virtual. Crosscurrents Teachers of Inclusive Education British Columbia (TIEBC)
Although our conference is usually held in February, we have decided to present an online version of Crosscurrents on the Provincial Pro-D day in October. While we will miss the face-to-face interactions with people who are passionate about inclusive education, we are excited to offer the chance to learn from a fantastic line-up of high-quality speakers, including our Keynote speaker, Kim Barthel. With a focus on trauma-informed practice and self-care, other speakers include Terry Small, Christa Campsall, Linda O’Neill, Suzanne Harwood, and more! Website tiebc.com Contacts tiebcpresident@gmail.com, tiebcconferencechair@gmail.com, tiebcregistrar@gmail.com, tiebcexhibitors@gmail.com, tiebcspeakers@gmail.com
October 23 Virtual. Middle Years and Provincial Intermediate Teachers Association (myPITA) 2020 Fall Conference
Over 60 workshops in all subject areas for educators teaching Grades 4-9. Featuring Carole Fullerton and myPITA favourites such as Diana Cruchley, Scott Hodges, Liliana Pesce, and Bryan Gidinski, as well as brand new presenters and sessions. Attend virtually anywhere! More infromation www.pita.ca Contact president@pita.ca
October 23 Virtual. A Meaningful Mess: Designing Meaningful Experiences for Today's Learners Specialist Association of Gifted Educators in BC (SAGEBC)
This is a mess, but it's our job to make it meaningful. In this learning experience, Andi McNair will share why it's important right now that we look beyond our current circumstances and find innovative solutions. We will explore practical ways to inspire a willingness to invest, provide opportunities to learn, and encourage meaningful connections beyond the walls of the classroom as we design experiences for our learners. Educators will walk away from this learning experience with the tools and mindset needed to make this a reality in both a manageable and meaningful way. Website https://www.sage-bc.com/ Contact psac63@bctf.ca
October 23 Virtual. World as Home Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association Conference (THESA)
Join us as we connect virtually in our 2020 THESA conference World As Home this October. Our Keynote speaker Tisha Richmond, a long-time home economics/family studies teacher and author of the book Make Learning MAGICAL, will bring us together in the morning and a.m. and p.m. sessions will engage us in hands-on and pedagogical experiences sure to enhance your practice. The sessions being offered will focus on food studies, textiles, and family studies–all levels are welcome! Find full details and register at https://thesaconference.ca/
October 23 Virtual. Classrooms to Communities: Lhtakoh–Where People, Place and Practice Flow Together Environmental Educators’ Provincial Specialist Association (EEPSA)
Join educators from Prince George and across BC to share and celebrate inspiring approaches to place-based experiential education, and inquire about issues and priorities that matter most to our schools and communities. Explore community-connected, transformative and action-orientated approaches to teaching for and about people, place and practicegrounded in the BC curriculum. This year’s theme flows from the ancestral lands of the Lheidli T’enneh (people from the confluence of the rivers), honoring their culture, language, and history. The featured morning panel profiles the Koh-Learning in our Watersheds Program, a School District 91 and UNBC collaboration. Website https://c2c-bc.org/conference/ Contact info@c2c-bc.org
October 23 Virtual. Culinary Arts Education Online British Columbia Culinary Arts Specialist Association (BCCASA)
The BCCASA annual conference and Annual General Meeting is open to all educators who are interested in the teaching of culinary arts, specifically during these challenging times. Join us for collaboration, demonstrations, and more. For detailed information and registration, visit www.bccasa.ca
October 23 Virtual. Virtual LATA Conference 2020 Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association (LATA)
LATA will be offering a virtual conference with a keynote by Dr. Paula Kluth. Dr. Kluth, “will explore how to move inclusive practices and ideology forward in our current climate, and present themes and strategies that might be helpful in doing so. Topics that will be addressed include understanding inclusion as a process (vs. as a place), planning creatively, and focusing on self-determination as a goal." The conference will offer morning, afternoon, and all-day workshops available on a diverse array of topics including: co-teaching, inclusion strategies, literacy, assessment, ELL, communication, educating the underdiagnosed, UDL, and much more. Website https://lata.ourconference.ca/index.php Contact latawebmanager@gmail.com
October 23 Virtual. BC Blended Digital Ed Conference 2020 BC Educators for Distributed Learning (BCEDLPSA)
A truly inclusive event–this one-day professional development opportunity will have something for everyone in K–12 BC education: from the new and experimenting, to the full-time and confident users. Technology in the education realm has completely changed the experiences of both educators and students–it is now both our everyday normal, as well as the most powerful new tool on the planet. Educators will come together on the October 23, 2020 PSA day, online, to share their experiences, tools, tricks, tips, and strategies on utilizing and implementing technology into our practice, classrooms, and schools. Website https://bcedl.ca/blended-digital-ed-conference-2020/ Contact psac64@bctf.ca
October 23 Virtual. Move Your Body: A Virtual Conference BC Dance Educators’ Association (BCDEA)
Annual BCDEA conference for all Dance Educators in BC. Come learn about the best movement practices for your dance classes and classrooms. This year, the BCDEA conference is virtual and is held on Zoom. Our workshops include: Teaching hip hop fundamentals, freestyling techniques and strategies, contemporary with a theme of optimism, components of building mental resilience in youth, video editing, the A.R.T of learning, using breakdancing to teach cross-curricular work, creating vived story lines in dance, and racism in the dance world: historical contect for the current climate. Website https://www.bcdea.ca or email Contacts psac73@bctf.ca or cjmiller@vsb.bc.ca
October 23 Virtual. Tools for Antiracist Educators: Confronting Antiblackness in School Communities Anti-Oppression Educators Collective (AOEC)
AOEC presents the second annual BC BIPOC Educators Conference titled Tools for Antiracist Educators: Confronting Antiblackness in Schools Communities. This virtual conference is for social justice educators who care about making Black lives matter in our schools, unions, and communities. This year’s keynote speaker is the multi-talented Ruby Smith-Diaz. She is the founder of Tierra Negra Arts an arts-based facilitation business with a mission to deliver workshops that foster inclusion and social justice in communities. Ruby is the curriculum developer and facilitator for an arts-based workshop titled Stille Here: Black Histories and Futures in Canada. Website www.aoec.ca Contact bcbipoceducators@gmail.com
October 23 Virtual. Transformations British Columbia Association of Mathematics Teachers (BCAMT)
The BCAMT conference begins with a keynote presented by the amazing Mike Pruner with a focus on ways teachers can transform experiences for themselves and their students. The K–12 conference lineup includes prominent experts from across Canada and presentations that are as diverse as our communities and classrooms. Interact with speakers on topics aimed to create equitable and inclusive classrooms: anti-racist mathematics, the interaction of Indigenous and “Western” knowledge systems, Culturally Responsive Mathematics, and Indigenous perspectives. Expand your classroom experiences by joining speakers presenting topics on Desmos, assessment beyond the test, the foundations of fractions, Reggio-inspired Math, using visuals, remote learning, and much more. Website https://www.bcamt.ca Contact Dbrajcich@sd62.bc.ca
October 23 Virtual. Engage to Empower: Honouring Students as Creators, Thinkers, and Communicators BC Teachers of English Language Arts (BCTELA)
Join us for a wonderful K–12 conference! Keynote Kelly Gallagher is a renowned teacher and writer with deep insight on the reading and writing habits of students. Plus educators from across BC—including Faye Brownlie, Jo Chrona, Shelley Moore, and Leyton Schnellert—will share their teaching practice and energize your thinking about assessment, literacy, Reconciliation, identity, the classics, and more! Website https://bctela.ca/conferences/ Contact psac46@bctf.ca
October 23 Virtual. BC Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (BCTESOL) Conference 2020
Keynote Dr. Kinsella is an emeritus teacher educator from San Francisco State University where she addresses English as a Second Language research and instruction. Dr. Kinsella offers evidence-based yet tangible guidance for educators across grade levels and subject areas in using consistent, proven practices to help students make academic English strides. Using expert modeling, classroom-tested resources and compelling lesson footage, she shares scholarly interaction protocols that enable all students to actualize personal and academic goals. Keynote: Say it Like a Scholar! Techniques and Tools to Flex Academic Language Muscles, plus a follow-up session titled Providing Actionable Feedback to Advance Oral Language Proficiency are offered. Website http://bctesol.ca Contact hull_k@surreyschools.ca
October 23 Virtual. Celebrating Languages Without Borders 2020 BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages (BCATML)
BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages (BCATML) and the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) proudly host a two-day online conference bringing educators and speakers from coast to coast to coast; and beyond! Join us as we Celebrate Languages Without Borders presented live from different parts of Canada, the US, and across the pond. Katy Arnet and Kaleb Child (Musgamdzi) will open each day as conference keynotes. We also have six amazing speakers: Martina Bex, Luisa Canuto, Denis Cousineau, Angelica Galante, Catherine Ousselin, and Maria Del Carmen Rodriguez de France, as well as over 130 sessions for French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish, ELL, Indigenous Languages, and incredible cultural performances! There is something for everyone. Registration https://bcatml-caslt.ourconference.ca/ Website www.bcatml.org Contacts rlavrenc@sd40.bc.ca kharte@telus.net
October 23 Virtual. Confronting Racism Aboriginal Education Association ( AEA)
Keynote speakers Dr. Sheelah McLean Indigenous Perspectives in Higher Education and Dr. Shauneen Pete Indigenous Resurgence in Education. Also featuring: Two Worlds Colliding, www.nfb.ca/film/two_worlds_colliding/ a Tasha Hubbard film, storytelling by an Indigenous Elder, and examining authentic Indigenous resources, including Charlene and Wilson Bearhead’s new series of children’s’ books, Siha Tooskin Knows. Conference registration aea.ourconference.ca/ Contact jmoir70@gmail.com
November 2020
November 5 Online. Harm Reduction-A Framework for Change, Choice, and Control
Harm reduction is an approach to help people explore their relationship with substances and behaviours. It works to reduce and mitigate damage and pain, and offers strategies to increase and promote safety, choice, and control. Harm reduction moves away from traditional understandings of “addiction” as a disease, and responses that are based on assumed morality and abstinence, or fear and punishment. This workshop explores the principles of harm reduction, how it works, and to whom it may apply. Participants will learn practical strategies for working with individuals, families, and communities within a harm reduction framework. This training will also explore how these concepts can be used in policy, procedure, and practice. This is an interactive online workshop hosted by the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute. For more information or to register, please visit https://ca.ctrinstitute.com/workshops/live-virtualharm-reduction-11-5/
November 18 - 19 Online. Autism-Strategies for Self-Regulation, Learning, and Challenging Behaviours (Live Online workshop)
Working with individuals who have autism can be a very meaningful experience, but it is not without its challenges. With recent reports indicating that an increasing number of individuals are on the autism spectrum, a greater number of care providers are encountering individuals with autism as part of their work and life. While every person with autism is unique, many face similar challenges. The primary focus of this workshop is to provide practical strategies for working with high-need individuals around self-regulation, learning practices, and challenging behaviours. Participants will review a behavioural framework to provide effective strategies for each of these areas, which they will be able to adapt to their own specific environment and context. This is an interactive online workshop hosted by the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute. For more information or to register, please visit https://ca.ctrinstitute.com/workshops/live-virtual-autism11-18/
November 23 - 24 Online. Gender and Sexual Diversity in Youth
Gender and sexuality are central features of identity development in adolescence. When a person’s internal experience of gender and/or sexuality does not match what would typically be expected of them based on their external appearance, it can cause great distress and difficulty. This workshop will show helpers how to best support youth in these situations. Participants will develop an awareness and understanding of what this experience can be like, enabling them to create more accessible and welcoming environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two spirit, queer, and all individuals expressing the diversity of sexuality and gender. This is an interactive online event hosted by the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute. For more information or to register, please visit https://ca.ctrinstitute.com/workshops/live-virtual-gender-and-sexual-diversity-in-youth11-23/
November 30 - December 1, Online. Self-Injury Behaviour in Youth-Issues and Strategies (Live Online workshop)
Self-injury refers to deliberate, self-inflicted tissue damage such as cutting or burning. Self-injury has reached alarming proportions among our youth; studies show that 14-24% of adolescents and young adults have engaged in this behaviour at least once, with a quarter of these reporting current, chronic self-injury. Helpers are increasingly encountering young people who are involved with self-injury. This workshop will assist participants in understanding the experience and motivations of adolescents who intentionally injure themselves. In addition, practical strategies for working with youth struggling with this complex issue will be presented. Participants of this training will increase their insight regarding self-injury behaviour in youth and be provided with a framework for effective intervention. This is an interactive online workshop hosted by the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute. For more information or to register, please visit https://ca.ctrinstitute.com/workshops/live-virtual-self-injury-behaviour-in-youth11-30/