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July 9, 2019 Events

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019
» 2019 Korczak Summer Institute Advocacy in Action: The Legacy of Janusz Korczak
Jul 02 to Jul 11, Vancouver, BC
The Janusz Korczak Association and the University of British Columbia is committed to the dissemination of ideals and legacy of Janusz Korczak (1878-1942), an educator, physician, and writer whose philosophy inspired and informed the United Nations Charter on the Rights of Children, ratified in 1989. His teachings and work remain powerful and relevant for educators, social workers, and children's advocates committed to social justice and education for democratic citizenship.
The institute welcomes pre-service and practicing teachers, social workers, and other professionals committed to the rights and welfare of youth. Successful completion of the Institute can earn credit for degree completion, advancement on pay-grids and fulfillment of continuing professional licensure requirements for various regulated professions.
The Institute is designed to help educators to:
. Transform classrooms to model democratic principles pioneered by Korczak in his writings, pedagogy and governance of the orphanages under his care.
. Adopt strategies to translate the respect for children's rights into school practices, including communication with parents and the larger school community.
. Engage in an interdisciplinary inquiry that will integrate insights from social paediatrics, nutrition and the legal foundation of protecting children with innovative approaches to classroom management and ideas for extra-curricular activities
. Develop necessary skills to increase and enrich communications with students to help them advance their communication competencies.
. Discover Korczak-inspired modern pedagogical approaches to support students social-emotional health and development of personal and social responsibility.
. Learn how to help children in developing and sustaining their cultural identity, particularly among those who may struggle with multiple identities.
The Institute offers a unique opportunity to participate in workshops, discussions and seminars led by a group of international scholars, educators, children's rights advocates, pediatricians and writers from Canada, France, Poland, Russia and the USA. It will provide an opportunity for engaged dialogue about critical curricular and pedagogical issues, and inspire motivation for innovative practice. The opening address will be delivered by the Honorable Janet Austin, OBC, the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.
The Institute is available for both credit and non-credit options, depending upon individual needs. For more information about the 2019 Korczak Summer Institute, visit pdce.educ.ubc.ca/child-advocacy

French Summer Institutes at UBC-Bursary Program for BC Teachers
Jul 08 to Jul 25, UBC Point Grey campus or UBC at Robson Square
All BC certified teachers and some French Immersion staff may qualify for a bursary covering the full tuition, plus some travel expenses. For more information visit https://extendedlearning.ubc.ca/study-topic/french/french-immersion-summer-institutes/bursaries-bc-teachers or email or call us at languages.exl@ubc.ca or 604-822-1444.

Insitut de français, UBC à Québec
Jul 01 to Jul 18, Quebec City
A three-week French language immersion program for teachers.

This program has been approved by the UBC Faculty of Education for 2019  Book before May 3!

Join UBC Faculty of Education in a nineteen-day non-credit language and culture immersion program at the Collège Mérici in Quebec City.

The program is designed to meet the needs of all French second language teachers, both experienced teachers and those entering the profession, and is open to all levels of French second language speakers, from beginner to advanced.