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Navigating Difficult Waters: Relationship Building at the School Level 

(3 hours)

“This workshop exceeded my expectations. Every school in the province should have this opportunity.” – Workshop participant.
This workshop is designed to build community and collegiality through proactive experiences. When schools undergo significant change, such as an influx of new staff, changing roles, reorganization, or curriculum change, relationships can become strained. The intent of this workshop is to provide an understanding of what influences our behaviour when working together and to provide a framework for ongoing teacher led staff development. “It was a joy to listen to the experiences of people in the field with us, understand my needs in the organization, as well as to see where my co-workers are. I love the thinking it started.” - Workshop participant.

"Thanks for giving us such an inspiring starting point! Everyone had such wonderful feedback on your presentation. The staff was very eager to debate our thoughts further and create an action plan to build in collaboration frameworks into the day. We are hoping to meet next week to develop these ideas further. Thank you so much again."
- an elementary school staff rep

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