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The BC Teachers' Federation is applauding today's announcement that the province will amend BC's Human Rights Code to include "gender identity or expression" among the protected grounds covered by the Code.

“Adding gender identity and expression to the BC Human Rights Code is an extremely positive step, one which BC teachers have long called for and fully support,” BCTF President Glen Hansman said in response to the announcement.  

“All students and staff who are a part of our school communities should have the right to safely learn in BC's schools while being fully and completely themselves,” Hansman said. “Unfortunately, transphobia (along with sexism, racism, and homophobia) continues to exist in the broader society and, therefore, in schools. BC teachers are committed to doing their part to ensure that our public schools are welcoming, inclusive, and trans-friendly spaces. Today's announcement helps support efforts by teachers and others in this regard.”

The BCTF also commended MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert, who has been among those continuing to advocate for these changes for many years, and Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton for now moving ahead by adding gender identity and expression to the BC Human Rights Code.

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For more information, contact Nancy Knickerbocker, BCTF Director Communications and Campaigns, at 604-871-1872 (office) or 604-340-1959 (cell).

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