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 Regarding today's announcement of a new Minister of Education in BC, BCTF President Jim Iker said, “We look forward to meeting Minister Bernier and getting him up to speed on the significant challenges-like underfunding, class composition, and the lack of specialist teachers- that are impacting our schools and students.”

Iker says that he will reach out to Mike Bernier, the new Minister of Education, to start building a relationship based on respectful dialogue while continuing important work like the curriculum redesign for Grades Kindergarten-12 and the task force on assessment.

“Minister Fassbender and I met on a number of occasions to discuss issues of importance to teachers and students. I want to continue to develop this relationship with the new Minister of Education-a relationship that is based on open and respectful dialogue. At the same time, BC students and teachers still face the same issues, chronic underfunding in schools and the need for more support for students. I hope that Minister Bernier understands the magnitude of these problems and will work productively with the BCTF to solve them.”

While the BCTF and the government did not agree on many issues, Iker thanks Minister Fassbender for his work as Minister of Education and wishes him the best of luck in his new role.


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For more information, contact Susan Croll, BCTF Editor Teacher Newsmagazine, at 604-871-1877 (office).

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