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In a unanimous decision of the BCTF Executive Committee, the BC Teachers’ Federation has endorsed Irene Lanzinger for President of the BC Federation of Labour.

“As a past President of the BCTF and her own local, the Vancouver Secondary Teachers’ Association, Irene Lanzinger knows how to lead in challenging times and represent a diverse membership with determination and intelligence,” said BCTF President Jim Iker. “Irene’s commitment to representing all workers and making BC a more fair and just society is what BC’s labour movement needs right now. She is a proven leader with significant experience at local and provincial bargaining tables. Following her four successful years as Secretary-Treasurer of the BCFed, Irene is the best choice for President.”

In announcing the BC Teachers’ Federation’s support for Irene Lanzinger’s campaign, the BCTF’s two Vice-Presidents, Glen Hansman and Teri Mooring, also spoke out about her leadership and experience.

“Irene Lanzinger is an incredibly strong, smart, and strategic leader,” said BCTF First Vice-President Glen Hansman and former President of the Vancouver Elementary Teachers’ Association. “She is not afraid to take on tough issues and get directly involved in solving them. Just this month, we saw Irene take the 2014 Welfare Food Challenge to raise awareness about the challenges facing people and families living in poverty.

“When Irene was at the BCTF, she was also part of international delegations to Latin America that promoted trade unionism and fair elections. Irene puts her values into action, and reinforces labour’s place in broader social movements.”

Teri Mooring, the BCTF’s Second Vice-President and a former President of the Quesnel District Teachers’ Association, said Irene has the skills to keep moving the BCFed forward and strengthening its voice for all workers.

“During the teachers’ strike, Irene proved that she could pull people together and show how strong BC’s labour movement is,” said Mooring. “Working with Jim Sinclair, she was able to consolidate $8 million in loans for the BCTF to ensure the government’s plan to wait out the strike and keep schools closed would fail. BC’s teachers were so thankful for the strength, solidarity, and leadership the BC Federation of Labour showed during our strike. With Irene Lanzinger as President, the BC Federation of Labour will be in good hands as we continue to build our collective voice in BC.”

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For more information, contact Rich Overgaard, BCTF media relations officer, at 604-871-1881 (office) or 604-340-1959 (cell).

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