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Today, the BC Teachers’ Federation and its union partners will begin to lay out their case against Bill 42—Gordon Campbell’s gag law—in court, BCTF President Irene Lanzinger said.

“Bill 42 is an attack on free speech and democratic rights,” said Lanzinger. “The Campbell government brought in this gag law in an attempt to silence critics and run from their own record. It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher or a nurse, Gordon Campbell doesn’t want the public to know what is happening to BC’s public services.”

Campbell’s gag law, brought in earlier this year, imposes restrictions on advertising months before an election. It prevents any group from speaking out about issues that matter to people right across this province.

“British Columbians have the right to speak out,” said Lanzinger. “It is fundamental to our democracy that people get to voice their concerns and their opinions. That’s what makes democracy work.

“At a time when the current government is spending millions of taxpayers’ money on feel-good advertising of their own, it is hypocritical at best for Gordon Campbell to continue this attack on freedom of expression.”

The Bill 42 proceedings will begin at 10:00 a.m., at the BC Supreme Court building in Vancouver.

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For more information, contact Rich Overgaard, BCTF media relations officer, at 604-871-1881 (office) or 604-340-1959 (cell).

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