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Privatization Backgrounder

What do we mean by privatization

Privatization includes any actions by government to avoid its responsibility to fully fund the public education system and thus to encourage private funding, services or commercialism in public schools.

Philosophy of opposition to privatization

  • That equity and opportunity for all through public education is essential to maintaining a democratic society and the privatization of education creates a two-tier education system and threatens democratic values and practices, as well as social equity.
  • That privatization produces inequities through forms that include charging fees for students to take part in aspects of the educational program, fundraising to support the educational program, and the sale of educational services, including international student fee programs.
  • That the commercialization of public education and a corporate presence in schools undermines the school as a public space aimed primarily at the social and personal development of students.
  • That the privatization of services related to public education creates a danger that public education will come under the provisions of international trade agreements that would open education to private companies from other countries.

BCTF Policies on Privatization

BCTF policies on privatization and commercialization of education are in section 29 PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. of the Members' Guide to the BCTF

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