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Testing, Testing, Testing

The public school teachers of British Columbia call upon government and school boards to make a dramatic shift in our public school system.

The current “accountability” system for public schools relies on narrowly focussed standardized tests as the main vehicle for determining the effectiveness of our schools.

Teachers believe we should be more concerned about meeting the diverse needs of all the students in our public schools and the success of our schools is all about how well we do that.

What’s the problem?

Where can this lead?

What’s a better way?

What can you do?

Where can you find more information?

“[The] pupils got it all by heart; and, when Examination-time came, they wrote it down; and the Examiner said ‘Beautiful! What depth!’ They became teachers in their turn, and they said all these things over again; and their pupils wrote it down, and the examiner accepted it; and nobody had the ghost of an idea what it meant”
(Lewis Carroll, 1893)
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