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Testing and Assessment


The misuse and overuse of testing is having a significant impact on teaching and learning. What is the problem? What's to be learned from other jurisdictions? What's a better way? It's not testing, testing, testing...


Your Education Matters, produced by SFU Education, is a TV program featuring roundtable discussions on current issues in education. The  April 2008 episode is about assessments.

Classroom assessment

Teachers must assess, evaluate, and report student progress in relation to the learning outcomes in the prescribed curriculum. Read more in our update on Classroom assessment, evaluation, and reporting.

Large-scale assessment

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) 

The Ministry of Education has been administering Foundation Skills Assessment tests to students in Grades 4 and 7 since 2000. The test does not help students learn and does not bring more support to the students who need it most. The test is simply used to rank schools. Go to our Foundation Skills Assessment page for more information.

Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) 

Canadian students continued to perform well in the OECD's PISA 2012 results

Provincial exams 

As part of the new Graduation Program requirements, students have to write five required provincial exams.

Grade 10 and 11 exams 

Many teachers and parents are concerned that provincial exams at the Grade 10 level could mean a decline in the graduation rate. Here's what some of the research shows.

Read more:

Report cards

The Federation, its PSAs and locals, argued against standardized provincial report cards and prevailed. The brief, BCTF response to the draft standardized provincial report card templates, was submitted to the minister of education in April 2004. School boards can still adopt their own report cards as long as they meet the requirements in the revised Student Progress Report Order. PDF format; Acrobat Reader required. 

Most school districts are currently holding discussions and making decisions about new report card formats. The Federation has worked with its Primary PSA to develop specific advice on Primary report card formats.

There is some confusion about what is required and not required by the new ministry policy. The BCTF has developed Frequently Asked Questions documents for Primary, Intermediate, and Middle School report cards.

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