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Ministry Advocacy

Since the beginning of the curriculum revision process in 2012, the BCTF has been advocating for a curriculum implementation plan from the Ministry of Education. The Federation has advocated to the Minister of Education through many channels, including meetings and official letters (accessible below), for the successful implementation of the revised curriculum. The BCTF has long maintained that adequate resources, funding, and related supports need to be in place. Teachers and school districts should not be left scrambling to find adequate resources to support the government-mandated curriculum.

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Date Subject
2012-11-14 In-service related to Health and Career Ed and Personal Planning
2013-07-05 Curriculum implementation plans
2013-07-05 Health and Career Planning 10 and P.E.
2013-10-04 Communication
2013-12-19 Curriculum related concerns
2013-12-19 Grad years curriculum
2014-01-20 Education change plans
2014-01-29 Curriculum implementation support
2014-10-30 First Nations Provincial Exam
2014-11-04 Ministry staff questions
2014-12-02 Curriculum feedback
2015-12-02 French resources
2016-01-22 Applied design, skills, and technologies (ADST)
2016-03-01 Coding
2016-03-10 Curriculum implementation timelines
2016-04-14 Curriculum writing teams
2016-05-16 Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) courses
2016-06-15 Core competencies
2016-06-30 Curriculum related issues
2016-07-07 Curriculum issues
2016-10-28 Delay 10-12 curriculum implementation
2016-11-03 K-9 reporting
2017-01-05 First Nations resources
2017-01-06 10-12 curriculum implementation
2017-01-09 K-9 reporting order
2017-02-10 Request for additional non-instructional days
2017-02-22 Request for adoption of forward-looking strategy for funding of new schools
2017-03-16 Master of Disaster program
 2017-03-16 Proper orientation to all new workers
2017-04-04  Naloxone for use in emergency situations 
BC certified teachers in South Korea
2017-08-09  School experience of LGBTQ students and staff
2017-08-17  Affiliations between school district officials and outside interests
2017-08-20  Elevated lead levels in BC's schools 
2017-09-05  Replacement of elementary and secondary provincial assessments 
2017-09-19  Collection of digital data and lack of informed consent 
2017-09-20  Foundation Skills Assessment and use of data 

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