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Radon in Schools, November 30, 2016

Radon can be a source of lung cancer—and radon can be found in our schools and homes.  Panelists provide background about the problem and things you can do.

Aboriginal Infusion Professional Dialogue, October 26, 2016
Panelists discuss Aboriginal Understandings and the Revised BC Curriculum—it is a process of truth and reconciliation. 

Update on Reporting, October 20,2016
The BCTF table officers talk about the Ministry policy changes in reporting and the relationship to the new curriculum.

Building Better Mental Health in Children and Youth, May 7, 2015
A panel of teachers and other experts will offer information about a range of mental health issues in children and youth.

Insights into the new Arts curriculum, May 28, 2014
The new arts curriculum incorporates music, drama, dance and visual arts. This panel of teachers were involved in creating the new curriculum for the arts and talk about its features and development.

Insights into the new BC curriculum – science and social studies, April 9, 2014
New BC curriculum is in the process of being developed, and BCTF members have served on the curriculum teams creating the drafts. The current approach aims at producing broader objectives and more scope for teachers to determine what is taught, and how. Curriculum drafts are on the Ministry website, with an invitation for teachers to respond. This seminar provides an opportunity to hear about the process, and issues to be addressed.

Education for social justice and indigeneity,  April 10, 2014
What does it mean to teach for social justice and Indigeneity in BC schools today? What are the implications for teacher education, as a collective responsibility?


  • Learn—from the Fraser Institute to distress and embarrassment.
    The Spring 2014 issue of Learn magazine, the flagship publication of the Teacher Regulation Branch, included a number of issues that are cause for concern. Larry Kuehn, BCTF Director of Research and Technology, analyzes the sometimes disturbing messages coming from the TRB.
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