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Worklife of BC Teachers in 2009

Welcome to the Worklife of BC Teachers in 2009 home page. You will find all the reports from this study here; you can access and read chapters individually, or open the entire report in one PDF document (4 MB). The data for this study were collected in 2009 and these reports were published in October 2010.

BCTF Research has created short chapter vignettes based on themes in the study.

Staff who have compiled this study appreciate any comments, questions, or feedback, and may be reached at researchteam@bctf.ca.

PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. The following documents are in PDF format. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is required.

Executive Summary 


Introduction, study design, and response rate 

Chapter 1: Demographic and employment characteristics of teachers in the survey 

  • Demographic comparison of survey sample to 2008–09 teacher statistics
  • Teaching characteristics
  • Type of employment contract
  • Leaves and illness 

Chapter 2: Teachers’ education and professional development: Experiences and perspectives 

  • Introduction
  • Teachers' education
  • Participation in and perspectives on professional development
  • Mentoring
  • Discussion 

Chapter 3: Workload issues for BC teachers 

  • Introduction 
  • Total hours worked per week on teaching activities
  • Hours worked during breaks and outside of the regular school day
  • Additional hours per week spent on work-related tasks outside of regular work hours
  • Preparing report cards and BCeSIS
  • Summary 

Chapter 4: How teachers spent their summer break 

  • Introduction 
  • Taking time off during the summer break
  • School-related or employment activities teachers spent time on during the summer break
  • Time spent in the summer completing year-end tasks and preparing for the next school year
  • Time spent working in paid employment during the summer break
  • Time spent working on professional upgrading during the summer break
  • Time spent volunteering during the summer break
  • Time spent on other work or work-related activities
  • Changes to the school calendar that would affect the summer break
  • Changes since the summer of 2000, where comparable
  • Summary 

Chapter 5: BC teachers talk about satisfaction and stress in their work: A qualitative study 

  • Introduction
  • The satisfaction in teaching: What BC teachers say about the positive aspects of their work
  • The stress of teaching: What BC teachers consider to be the most stressful aspects of their work

Chapter 6: Sources of work-related stress, and changes in stress, workload, and job satisfaction 

  • Introduction
  • Sources of work-related stress
  • Work-related stress—by topic area
  • Changes in workload, stress, and job satisfaction
  • Teachers leaving the profession
  • Do teachers recommend the profession to others?
  • Summary 
  • Conclusion 
  • Appendix: Tables—demographic comparisons

Chapter 7: Teachers’ perceptions of the effects of stress 

  • Teachers' perceptions of the effects of stress
  • Gender and stress
  • Age and stress
  • Elementary/Secondary differences
  • Conclusion 

Chapter 8: Inclusive education: The work of learning specialist teachers, and the perspectives of all teachers 

  • Introduction
  • The work and perspectives of learning specialist teachers who teach in Special Education and/or Learning Assistance
  • The perspectives of all respondents on issues related to inclusive education
  • Conclusion 

Chapter 9: Teachers' priority areas for BCTF bargaining and advocacy 

  • Introduction
  • Teachers' priority areas for improving working and learning conditions
  • Differences in priority areas by gender, grades taught, and teaching experience
  • Conclusion 

 Chapter 10:  Implications and discussion 

  • Introduction
  • New teachers
  • Gender differences
  • Professional development
  • Job satisfaction and stress
  • Workload and stress
  • Work/life balance
  • Teacher retention issues
  • The impact of teacher stress on student learning
  • Priority areas for BCTF focus

Worklife of BC teachers: 2009 survey form 

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