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BCTF Worklife Research Reports

Teacher worklife research reports

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  • The prevalence of stress-related disorders in BC school districts (2009)

    BCTF Research has produced tables which allow the BCTF and its locals to consider the prevalence of Salary Indemnity Plan (SIP) claims by school district. The report provides data which show SIP claims by district, age and gender, with two ‘high risk’ categories of teachers identified – males over 50 and women aged 35-44. Of 18 categories in the BCTF Salary Indemnity Program, one category, Psychological/Psychiatric disorders, represents 43% of total claims and 47% of the program’s total costs.

  • The rising tide of stress in Canada: Time for governments to act in support of schools and society (2008)

    This review of recent literature indicates that mental health issues, including stress-related disorders are clearly linked to the workplace. Some jobs and workplaces cause high levels of stress while some workers are unable to balance competing demands of work and home when work structures and schedules are rigid and inflexible. The human costs are enormous, with large numbers of Canadians suffering chronic stress which is linked to life-threatening illnesses, and the costs to the Canadian economy are described by some analysts as staggering.

  • The working conditions of BC teachers working in Distributed Learning: Investigating current issues, concerns, and practices (2007)

    An exploration of the working conditions of teachers working in distributed learning reveals the complexity of teacher workload, a rapidly-changing and competitive work environment, and the impact of policy and legislation changes, in particular as related to education funding. The study also hints at the impact of the shifting landscape on students, changing work patterns for teachers, and the increasing need for active, supportive involvement of the Federation in the area of distributed learning.

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