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Stop the Prevalence Model

Adequate, stable funding that covers all costs associated with the delivery of fair and equitable education is essential to maintaining quality public education. How education is financed is key to both quality and equity.

The BC Ministry of Education is planning to change how it funds services for students with special needs. Rather than funding based on the needs of individual children, it would be based on the prevalence of their condition or disability across the student population at large. Teachers are deeply concerned that switching to a funding model based on prevalence statistics rather than actual students’ needs will have terrible consequences for special education in BC. Read our brochure to learn more and about how to take action.

Special education funding: Our government must change course
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Funding formula recommendations: A teacher's perspective, BCTF Research presentation

Education Funding

Education funding fact sheets

Education funding falls short

It's time for change: The numbers tell the story (March 2017)

Stop the cuts and don’t close our schools (April 2016)

Trustees slam cuts (Apr 2015)

Education Funding 2014—What’s in it for public schools? (Excerpt from May/June 2014 Teacher Newsmagazine)

Budget 2014—What’s in it for public schools? More budget shortfalls, and ongoing cuts to educational services (Research report, April 2014) PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. 

The Numbers Tell the Story (PowerPoint slideshow, revised Feb 2013)

Note: BCTF Research conducts ongoing analysis of education finance data on topics such as the provincial budget, district operating grants, the Learning Improvement Fund, and international tuition fees. For BCTF Research reports on education funding see bctf.ca/publications/researchreports.aspx

Funding briefs

An analysis of education funding issues followed by recommendations to government are detailed in our annual Education Funding Briefs.

PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. The briefs are available in PDF format.

Presentations by the BCTF and Locals to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

The Blues transcripts are published each day and our page will be updated as more locals make their respective presentations to the committee.

Provincial budget (2005 to 2009)

Each February the Finance Minister announces the education budget for the next three years. An analysis of this years' budget shows that education funding will not keep pace with inflation.

Ministry finance links


Questions and answers about the underfunding of BC public schools – 2016 (Feb 2016)

Questions and answers about the underfunding of BC public schools (Feb 2015)

Teachers gained and lost—Will the Teacher Education Fund make a difference? (Feb 2015)

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