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Classroom teaching resources for global education

The Global Classroom: Free global education teaching resources

Looking for ideas, teaching units, and lesson outlines? This is the place! Subject areas from Social Studies to Home Economics, and levels from primary to secondary, are included, plus links to places students can get involved.

BC teachers have created global education units that are tied to BC curriculum outcomes. These resources are free—just download and use them. 

Find more teaching resources designed by teachers and international development experts to promote a global perspective and understanding of natural disasters and disaster relief. These include integration of BC curriculum expectations at various levels. To access these materials, click on 'lessons' at

Youth programs

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) sites dedicated to involving youth in global education.

  • Check Your Head: The Youth Global Education Network is an organization that works with young people to raise awareness of globalization from a social justice perspective. They offer workshops in schools and sponsor youth conferences.
  • Canada World Youth is looking for teachers and administrators interested in partnering with the organization to create unique Global Learner, non-formal education programs for students.
  • The Maquila Solidarity Network (MSN) is a Canadian network promoting solidarity with workers producing goods for Nike, Adidas, and other things we wear. Their website includes ideas for action as well as information.
  • The Pembina Institute's Green Learning website provides environmental education programs and offers programs specifically for teachers. The site includes interactive tools, resources, and activities.



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