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Union Capacity-Building  

Namibia National Teachers’ Union (NANTU)  

When Namibia was freed from being a colony of South Africa and its apartheid system in 1990, NANTU was organized as a union for teachers. The BCTF has provided assistance with the development of union training programs since an initial project in 1994. It has also worked with NANTU in programs to strengthen teacher use of English, the language of instruction but the first language of only a few of the teachers.

BCTF and NANTU - 20 Years of Solidarity 

Vancouver schools support orphanage in Namibia (Apr 2011)

Viva NANTU Viva! (Oct 2009)

Winter 2008 Representative Assembly highlights (Mar 2008)

Sharing our skills in Southern Africa (May/Jun 2006)

BC teachers for an English-language program in Namibia (Sep/Oct 2002)

World Teachers’ Day (Nov/Dec 2000)

World-wide struggle for teachers (Oct 1998)

Namibia (Mar 1998)

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