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Union Capacity-Building 

Having a strong teachers’ union contributes to offering quality public education for students, wherever they are. Unions represent their members, but also much more. Unions work for improved teaching conditions, resources for education, and fair treatment for their members.

The BCTF has supported the development of unions in Southern Africa in the post-independence and post-apartheid eras, and in Central America.

BCTF Facilitates Workshop for NANTU    Facilitating in Peru 

Namibia National Teachers’ Union (NANTU) 

When Namibia was freed from being a colony of South Africa and its apartheid system in 1990, NANTU was organized as a union for teachers. More...

National Organization of Teachers in Mozambique (ONP) 

Work with the ONP, the teachers’ union in Mozambique, featured development of a union education program. More...

South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU) 

During apartheid in South Africa, education was broken into many separate education systems according to racial groups. More...

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