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Peru: English Second Language Pedagogy for English Teachers in Peru

The teachers’ federation in Peru, SUTEP, and the BCTF have organized second language pedagogy workshops with BCTF members during July and August. BCTF members have co-facilitated workshops in a range of cities in Peru. Check out BCTF member reports and photos.

See "Opportunities for members" for information about whether the project is currently accepting applications.


Unleashing Peru's potential--Our mutually-beneficial partnership 

Support, respect, and solidarity—Reflections on my experiences with the Peru Project 2013

To Peru, in solidarity  

Struggles in teaching a second language: Commonalities between Peru and BC  

The Peru Project: Building International solidarity between teachers  

The Peru Project: Year three and going strong  

BCTF Peru Brigade: August 2008 and 2009   






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