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Colombia: Pedagogical Circles Carried Out by FECODE, the Teachers’ Union in Colombia  

Teachers in Colombia work in a social environment of violence directed at teachers and, in particular, at those who are union leaders and activists. Hundreds have been killed over the last two decades, and 12 in 2013 alone.

Statue of fallen teacher in Cordoba, Colombia 

Despite this context, a “Pedagogical Movement” has been a part of FECODE’s activities for more than 30 years. A new element of the movement is bringing teachers together to engage in inquiry and reflection on practice. This project has funding from the BCTF International Solidarity Fund as well as from the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation and the CSQ, the teachers’ union central in Quebec.

Cordoba, Colombia: A dangerous place to be a union leader by Irene Lanzinger

Teaching is a dangerous profession in Colombia by Jacqui Birchall

World Teachers' Day in Colombia, October 2015 by Nancy Knickerbocker

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