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Stand alone,

Stand together,

Oppose the law,

Obey The Law, but whose law? Gods, Mans?

Laws have been broken before. Some lawbreakers have gone to jail; others have brought in sweeping social and political changes

Laws have also been obeyed, sometimes with tragic results.

I still can’t help but replace some of the words spoken by many about us with “Rosa, don’t be a pain, sit at the back of the bus, you know it is the law. You can’t break the law. “

The Government has thumbed its nose at the law and arrogantly propose that they can write any law they want, with the cleverness of smoke and mirrors,

But the veil has been lifted and the truth is there to see.

Now, in the rain they picket

Soggy wet signs

Soggy wet people

Fiery hot resolve

Some will cross, others will stay away

Most will stand, side by side

Hoping for an ending. Resigned to slog it out

The end will come, then rebuild from a new place for the future of all.


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