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A good afternoon to you in these troubled times.  

I am a teacher in Abbotsford and I want to thank you and the council for your work over the past few years with the difficult (impossible?) negotiations you have undergone with our government. Although I haven't agreed with all of your decisions throughout the labour strife, you have certainly done a better job than I ever could and I do believe that you have the best interests of both teachers and children in mind when faced with the many difficult chess moves you have made… 

I am writing to you today to ask that you not give in to any external pressure to hold a vote to go back to work during mediation. I believe this will only serve to divide our membership during a time when we need to be stoic and whole. As a membership, we have voted already. That was to strike until a deal is done and I believe that most members feel the same way. When Mr. Fassbender publicly asked to canvass the membership, it immediately came across as yet another desperate attempt to 'divide and conquer.'

I suspect that you and the council feel the same way but I could not rest until I sent a quick (but longer than I intended) email to you with my feelings on the situation.  Thanks again for being the voice of our membership and taking us through to what I believe will be a better working and learning environment.

Clayton Willms, CPDubbleU (Twitter)

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