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Solidarity Pours in from Around the World

Teachers unions and workers’ organisations from across Canada and across the border are sending solidarity greetings in support of BC teachers as we struggle to achieve a fair deal that respects the work we do, and which provides more support for students. 

/uploadedImages/Public/BargainingContracts/support/ChicagoTeachers.jpg   /uploadedImages/Public/BargainingContracts/support/ChicagoTeachersSolidarityLetter.jpg  

Members of the Chicago Teachers’ Union  delivered a letter of solidarity
with the BCTF to the Canadian Consulate-General in their city.

/uploadedImages/Public/BargainingContracts/support/AllTogetherNow.jpg  /uploadedImages/Public/BargainingContracts/support/SolidaridadMexicanTeachers.jpg 

On June 19, representatives of the Mexican Section of the Tri-National Coalition in
Defence of Public Education went to the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City
to express their support for BC teachers.

Letters from school districts

Kitimat teachers’ “disturbance” of Premier’s visit sparks action from city council 

Letters from organizations

Education International, the global union federation representing teachers around the world, sent messages of support to the teachers of BC from teachers in more than 60 countries. The eyes of the world are on BC.

Tweets from the Education International conference held in Montreal, May 26-31, 2014. Click map image to enlarge.

/uploadedImages/Public/BargainingContracts/support/IE-map1.jpgCanadian Teachers ‏@CanTeachersFed 32m
#unite4ed @bctf supported by CTF Member orgs on world map.



/uploadedImages/Public/BargainingContracts/support/IE-map2.jpgCanadian Teachers ‏@CanTeachersFed 31m
#unite4ed @bctf supported by European and African affiliates of @eduint #bced #cdned pic.twitter.com/WCi600Qa6Z  



/uploadedImages/Public/BargainingContracts/support/IE-map3.jpgCanadian Teachers ‏@CanTeachersFed 28m
African affiliates of @eduint sign support for @bctf on world map #unite4ed pic.twitter.com/Pomv6O2549  

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