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Benefits and Privileges of BCTF Affiliate Administrative Membership

Affiliate administrative membership entitles the member to:

  1. participate in the Salary Indemnity Plan;
  2. participate in the BCTF/BCSTA Group Life Plan, the North American Group Life Plan, the BCTF/Seaboard Voluntary Group Life Insurance Plan, and the BCTF/Royal Trust Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan, or their equivalents, subject to eligibility conditions under the terms of those plans;
  3. receive advice on benefit plans, unemployment insurance, WCB, the teachers' pension plan, the Canada Pension Plan, etc.;
  4. receive the Members’ Guide to the BCTF, on request;
  5. receive the Teacher Newsmagazine, or equivalent;
  6. join provincial specialist associations on payment of the PSA membership fee;
  7. participate in BCTF PD activities, as appropriate;
Application for new membership must be made within 30 days of first appointment as an administrative officer.

The annual affiliate administrative membership fee is $100, payable directly to the BCTF at time of application, together with payroll deduction of the SIP portion of the fee.

Completion of the application form will ensure coverage under the BCTF Salary Indemnity Plan for the percentage fee currently payable by BCTF active members, plus the employee's share of the reduced employer contribution to unemployment insurance (payroll deduction).

Alternatively, administrative officers may wish to join the BCTF as Associate Members, which does not include Salary Indemnity Plan coverage, but ensures all of the other services listed above.

An affiliate administrative member is not eligible to vote or hold office in the B.C. Teachers' Federation.

BCTF Affiliate Administrative Membership application forms (F08-20) are available from the school board or local office.


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