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BCTF Membership Database

The member database is confidential and the personal information is not disclosed without the member's consent unless required to do so by law. The BCTF does occasionally use a bonded mailing company to assist with bulk mailings. Pursuant to the purposes of the BCTF constitution and BCTF policy 27.12 (Members' Guide), and in the interest of electing officials who are committed to public education, locals may occasionally contact you by phone and/or send you campaign materials during local, school board, provincial, or federal elections. Members who wish to opt out of receiving such information may do so by informing the BCTF in writing.

The membership database is used to:

  • communicate with members through BCTF publications such as the Teacher newsmagazine 
  • comply with various professional legal and regulatory requirements
  • provide services related to the Salary Indemnity Plan, the Pension Plan, legal services, collective agreement enforcement, and the Workers' Compensation Board
  • provide provincial specialist association membership and associated services both nationally and internationally
  • conduct research
  • establish formulas for delegate counts and representation at BCTF decision-making bodies such as the Representative Assembly and the BCTF Annual General Meeting.


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