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    • Decolonizing 
      In this session members will engage in conversations around colonialism at many levels.  Colonialism systemically permeates education, media, government policy and our whole society.  Creating awareness is essential to understanding alternative value systems and how we are complicit by inaction.  Decolonization demands a close look at Indigenous perspectives, ways of knowing and being and making change in our personal and professional lives.

    • ‘60’s Scoop – Stolen Children: Reclaiming our Children’s History
      This workshop invites educators to open their hearts and minds to understanding the colonial impact of Canada’s history on Indigenous families and their children. Educators will be challenged to unlearn the history taught to them and relearn how to value the lives of Indigenous peoples. Educators will follow the lead of Indigenous educators who may be directly connected to the lived experience of the generations of ‘stolen children’.

    • The Secret Path
      Experience the story of Chanie Wenjack, the 12-year-old boy who perished fleeing from an Indian Residential School in order to find his way home. Teachers will learn how they may bring the music, animation and graphic novel produced by Gord Downie and Jeff Lemire, supported and endorsed by the Wenjack family, to their later intermediate and secondary classrooms as a means of teaching about residential schools and the important role of being an ally.  Every Canadian should know Chanie Wenjack’s name and his story. Secret Path cards

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